Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bill and PPA

Bills Poker Blog has some comments on the PPA/Full Tilt postition on the legality of poker. For some reason he seems to support it.

I don't.

Here's the comment I left on his blog.

Yep, now they want to take the position that online poker is illegal.

Why in the world are they interested in taking that position?

PPA is a very suspect organization, which I've talked about in this series of posts.

I don't think online poker is illegal and I don't think players should support any organization like PPA which takes the position that it is.

Actually, I'm not sure the comment took.



Blogger Bill Rini said...

Hi Gary,

Long time reader of your posts on RGP. Thanks for noticing my post. Sorry we don't agree on the topic though. I do understand your take, I just don't agree.


PS. Yeah, I think your comment got munched in my system somehow.

1:25 PM  

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