Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Misquoting my book (again)

There's another thread on 2+2 that starts with somebody asking about my hold'em book and ending up somebody being critical of the book by misquoting me.

Here's the thread.

The misquote is
I remember thinking it was quite an advanced book at the time but I just recently decided to re read it and some of the things he says seem way off the mark. Folding AK in early in a loose aggressive game?

I don't suggest that at all. I suggest that in some loose or very loose games that are very aggresive you might want to fold AKo in early position.

The reason is the importance of position when loose games get very aggresive.

And I make it a point to distiguish between aggresive and very aggresive and even give operational definitions for the two different conditions.

You aren't going to see those games very often. When you do see those games you can make a lot of money if you forget about trying to be tough in early position and get busy from late position.

Sometimes people also complain about me repeating myself a lot in that book. But it seems if I don't repeat myself a lot then the dimwits don't seem to understand the concepts very well.



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