Monday, February 12, 2007

Types of calls

An overcall is the second or subsequent call of a bet.

A bet
B call
C call

Then C has overcalled. The overcall of C might indicate more strength than the call
by B.

Cold call.

Cold call means calling a raise when you hadn't called the initial bet earlier in the betting round.

If the betting goes
A bet
B call
C raise
D call
A call
B call

Then D has made a cold call, A and B did not cold call.

In most cases you should worry about D's hand more than A's or B's and
maybe even more than C's hand.

Smooth call and Flat call

They pretty much mean the same thing.

Flat call is probably used more often used when you're just
trying to describe what happened.

Smooth call is probably used more often when you're trying to describe
how smart and tricky you are. When you hear somebody use the term smooth call you might want to start looking for signs of FPS (Fancy Play Syndrome)

Crying Call

Calling when you're convinced you're beat but the pot's big enough to compensate for the small chance you're wrong.

Anybody have any other's to add?


Blogger DMW said...

I don't think flat call is comfined to the past tense. Online I might say to someone sitting next to me: "just flat call for now."

I also think both terms refer specifically to calls made when raising was a strong possibility.

12:59 PM  

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