Friday, February 23, 2007

Danny Boy and Race

There are a couple of poker players who tend to say such stupid things so often that I just can't help but make fun of them every once in a while. The top two have to be Danny Boy and Sklansky.

Danny Boy frequently comments in his blog about how much he likes black people and how little he likes white people. Then he'll point out that he's not being racist. Sure, Danny.

Recently he made a blog entry that touched on American Idol (it's not surprising that he gets confused about the difference between reality TV and reality) where he commented that the black girls are all better singers than the white girls. He brought up the question of race, and that's what it seemed to me his observations focused on rather than talent. But, fine. I can't imagine anyone actually cares about the race of American Idol finalists, that's about how the producers are framing the ending, not about actual reality.

But the comments on his blog entry did continue the race meme.

One could even argue that there should have been more than 7 black contestants in the final 24 and the judges as well as the producers have deliberately kept the number of black contestants to about 25-30% of the field for ratings purposes.

Just go to any black church and you'll find at least one, if not more singers who can blow a lot of the white kids in that Final 24 out of the competition.

Of course some people now will say what I just wrote is racist. LOL!

The funny part of it all to me is that I think it's very racist. Not the observation about finding very good singers at a black church. But, him thinking it's about race rather than culture. That part is racist.

The makeup of black churches are certainly racial. But the singing talent you're likely to find in a black church is cultural, not racial.

Both Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis learned rockabilly and/or rock-n-roll from combining gospel singing in Southern black churches with Blues and country in the honky tonks.



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