Thursday, February 01, 2007

Another comment on PPA

From rgp --

On Feb 1 2007 9:44 PM, pokerchimp wrote:

> I don't understand why no one is doing anything. I mean, our point of
> view has not been expressed in the main stream press at all, has it? Why
> is 20-20 not doing a story, or 60 minutes or Dateline or CNN, MNBC,
> Newsweek, Time, etc. etc. I mean this is an infringement of our rights,
> and it's having a financial impact on many US citizens. Why is no one
> covering this story?

Because the government provides them lots and lots of production assistance to do stories presenting government propaganda.

> I f someone were to write a good, well thought out piece about what has
> happened in America, I would try and get all the correct email addresses.
> Is this PPA even doing ths?

Of course they aren't. Even if the PPA accomplished exactly what they say they want to accomplish the current problem would still be right in your lap.

The PPA's goals are self-destructive. They want a carve out for poker. They want to seperate poker's interest from other online gambling interests.

But all of the current problems impacting poker players are becuase of the government war against online sports books. All of the current problems.

And the PPA wants to support the governments efforts to screw them. The result is of course that poker players will just get screwed as collateral damage.

The PPA is not your friend.



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