Monday, January 29, 2007

Supporters of PPA

Ed Brayton made a post pimping for PPA and he and I had a short debate in the comments on his post.

He seems to think that if the recent funding bill had had a carveout for poker, which is what PPA says they want, that we wouldn't be having the current problems with online poker.

That's nonsense.

Neteller has problems because they fund sports betting. All the funding sources funded sports betting. That's why they have problems. Party offered blackjack.

None of the current problems would have been eliminated by a carve out for poker. Not a single one.

It's just not a winning stratagy to try to claim poker is special.

A winning stratagy is to claim that online gambling isn't illegal, that's what the 5th circuit found, and it's a ruling that the Bush AG's office wants to ignore. No way should we support those clowns. However, PPA gives money to republican lobbyists.



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