Thursday, August 31, 2006

San Antonio Bookie

You may have been living in a cave in northwestern Pakistan the last few days and not know about Richard Lee's ongoing drama with the San Antonio Police Department.

It started with Lee finishing 6th in the World Series of Poker.

More recently his house was searched and a lot of his personal property was seized by the police.

The original newspaper report was pretty vague about what he's suspected of, some kind of gambling offense that's somehow related to the internet.

Michial Craig seems to think he's being accused of some kind of sports book operation. I think that's probably right. Poker's not illegal in Texas, and although it's illegal to run a raked game I really doubt they'd be making this kind of fuss if that's what it was about, and a poker game wouldn't have anything to do with the internet.

My advice to Richard Lee is talk to a lawyer, but he's rich now, he doesn't need my advice, so he talks to the press instead.

Friday the SA police released the affidavit for the search warrent. According to the SA Express News Lee's in trouble

According to the cops he wasn't just making book. He was running an internet site from his home rather than from Costa Rica.

A business card with a local phone number and mailing address? How stupid can a man be?

Now he's lost his cars and his friends don't know him.

This story isn't over. I'm surprised there isn't more about it in the blog world. I found a few blog entries but nobody really had much to say about it other than Craig, in the link above.


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