Sunday, August 06, 2006

Made another stop at Lucky Stars in Concho, Oklahoma, outside of OKC. Played the 2/5 nolimit. They ate me alive.

But, some more details about the room. Mon-Thursday you can call in and get on the waiting lists (although they never are very long).

They have seperate servers for bar service, other drink service, and food service. They charge for bar service and food.

When you log into a table by giving the dealer your players card you earn $1 an hour which can be cashed out as actual cash. So, I guess everybody is a prop.

The room is smoke free, but the smoke drifting in from outside does get a little troublesome. But for some reason I like the room. I think it just has a cozy, freindly atmosphere that makes me feel comfortable.

The games are okay, not great, except when I'm in them of course, games that I'm in are always great games.


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