Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The WPT lawsuit

The F-train blog has a thread on the WPT lawsuit. I made a comment. As you might guess my comment was about the relevance or value of Danny's opinion on the topic.


Blogger chip_up said...

Gary: I left this response to your comment at F-Train's:

I think your assumptions about the merits, based on the lawyers representing the plaintiffs, are unwarranted. Dewey Ballentine, a top firm, is certainly no ambulance & settlement-chasing "you don't get paid unless we get paid" outfit. They're a business. As such, they are undoubtedly getting an hourly rate, against a contingency if there is a favorable settlement or verdict. And having a high-profile client and action like this is great publicity, win or lose. And since they'll probably settle, as most cases do, everyone will win.

That's not to say that the WPT doesn't have a problem; but my intuition tells me that it's probably a problem with the ridiculously broad waiver, not the antitrust implications of the Tour. And that waiver problem is as much a problem for the WPT, should they wish to avail themselves of the benefits it purportedly secures, as it is for the players. I doubt that a court would allow the WPT to use players' images for non-tourney related purposes (video games, e.g.) based solely on that waiver.

For a tale of a true hack lawyer--Rick Tabish's attorney who showed up drunk in court last week, check out my blog today.

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