Saturday, August 12, 2006

Carson on Omaha HI/lo split

From an old rgp thread where somebody asked me about whether I'd written anything on O/8.

> On Oct 31 2005 2:17 AM, garycarson wrote:
> > I think there are some very old posts on rgp where I laughed at people
> > who developed point count systems for O/8, but that's probably about
> > all I've posted here.
> Come on Gary!
> You know very well Hutchisons point count system is a great tool for new players
> just learning the game. It gives them a base line to start off with.

William Travis gave the defenders of the Alamo a base line in the sand
and look how they ended up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

now thats just ridiculous... not that i disagree with you, but as far as refutations go, thats a pretty content-free one.

i think you're BOTH right. O8 point systems are stupid, AND theyre useful for newbie O8 players.

the simple truth is, O8 is just a bloodbath for inexperienced players, and the newbies need some kind of SOMEthing to at least staunch the bleeding while they get their feet under them. i dont think anyone disputes that inexperienced O8 players are going to take an beating using a point system, but i think theyll likely take somewhat LESS of a beating than they would if instead you tried to give them a primer on the finer conceptual points of O8 strategy and a pat on the back for luck.

once a newbie player has a little experience under their belt, enough that they can start to understand the principles behind those finer conceptual points, then they can start looking for opportunities to apply those principles instead of just sticking to the system every hand. eventually, they should get to the point where theyre actually PLAYING, and the system is left behind, as it should be.

presuming, of course, said newbie is the kind of player that is constantly working to improve. and even if theyre just a "i wanna have a good time!" player (you know, the ones that show down every hand, by turning their cards over and asking "...did i win?") a point system will help them if, for no other reason, it keeps them from playing any 4 cards. itll still be a horror show, but at least maybe theyll get to have their fun for a little longer than they otherwise would.

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