Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Danny Boy gives us some examples of being outdrawn, outplayed, and coolered. His cooler example:
oolered: I limped with 6-8 and he raised to isolate me and I decided to call. The flop was K-9-7 with one heart. Check check. Turn is the 10h, I bet 6000, he raises 15,000 more, I move all in with the straight, he quickly calls me with... QJ. Ugly turn card yuk.

You've been coolered when you raise with QQ and I call with AA, then I call your bet on a flop of QQ7 and we get it all in on a turn of AA, then A hits the river.
That's a han the QQ will never get away from.

But if the story starts with you limping with 68then you may have been outplaye, but you weren't coolered.