Friday, January 15, 2010

Shooting an angle

Danny boy gives us an example of angle shooting but then follows up with a plea that it can't be angle shooting if he does it, because he doesn't shoot angles.
clearly an infraction of the rules took place when my opponent tabled his hand with action remaining. The video doesn't show it, but the players at my table all saw his hand, I saw the Ad and only half of the other card, which looked like the 4s or 5s. I was wrong, it was the 10s. I told the truth about what I thought I saw. I said to him, "I saw your hand," which is true. I saw the Ad clearly, and the other card as well, but didn't have it exactly right. The players seated next to me did.

It was all very confusing as to what should happen here, so I gave up trying to figure it out, and I handed it over to the floor.

Let's be clear on what it means to shoot an angle. It does not mean breaking the rules. That would be called cheating. Angle shooting isn't cheating, and it does not mean any rules are broken. It means you've attempted to use the rooms in a way that was not intended. That's exactly what Danny did in the above. He'd lost the pot, he did not have the best hand (or so he believed) and thought that the only way he could win was to have the opponents hand (the best hand) declared dead. So you did what he could to make that happen.

It's angle shooting at it's worst. One common goal that all poker rules have is to ensure that the best hand at showdown wins. Anything you do (or Danny boy does) to subvert that is angle shooting. It's the definition.

CardPlayer seems to also think it's an angle shot.

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Blogger Steven Smith said...

Yes i agree with your post that shooting an angle is not a cheating it is a part of playing game.Before playing you should read all rules.Thanks for sharing

2:58 AM  

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