Thursday, October 18, 2007

More on PPA

Balko commented on my post about his upcoming PPA talk.

I like Balko's blog a lot and like his work. He's done some really good work on police use of SWAT and related subjects. Very good. But I think he's out of his league with PPA.

He says

As for regulation and barriers to entry, well, you fight your battles one at a time. The best bill in Congress right now is the Frank bill, which calls for complete legalization, albeit with a heavy federal regulatory structure. Yeah, that's a compromise. And even it doesn't have a chance in hell of becoming law.

Heavy regulation can easily result in poker becoming illegal, not legal. In most states it's already legal, with various degrees of regulation. There are no federal laws against poker, and so far courts have not supported the DOJ claim that the wire act covers the internet.



Blogger DMW said...

They have cut off the funding mechanisms for online play which keeps out 99% of new players. That is just as bad as a ban.

12:38 AM  

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