Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Save the Children

I assume most of y'all have read about Sean Sheikhan's immigration problems.

This has become pretty standard stuff these days, with a policy of deportation of criminal immigrants.

Part of the problem might be a severe misunderstanding about what's going on. Such a misunderstanding is shown by Lou when he makes this comment.
I’m no friend of Sean Sheikhan, but I do feel that ICE’s efforts to deport him amounts to piling on. After all, he served time for his offense. If deportation was deemed to be the thing to do, it should have been part of his original sentence.

The original sentence was for an infraction of a state law. Immigration status is a federal issue.

I don't think that's a small issue. Part of what's going on in this country is that the right wing anti-immigration nutcases want to blur the lines between state and feds -- they are very anti-federalists.

I'm surprised to see Lou arguing for a strong central government. Maybe his support of PPA is warping his politics.

I don't think violation of a state law should ever be a criteria for maintaining resident status.

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