Sunday, September 16, 2007

Don't you want to know?

In a comment on a previous thread, DMV asks
You didn't want to know?
I never really cared about making hand. It's always been about the pot, not about the hand.

Another long ago hand was a no-limit draw hand. I had a 6h7h8hJoker draw in late position and raised. One caller. He drew 3 cards. Probably a pair of aces, but maybe not.

If he had Aces, and didn't improve on the draw then I had 12 cards I could catch to make a straight, 10 flush cards. 22 outs, 45 unknown cards, almost even money. If he had Kings, I had an extra 4 outs and was a favorite to make the best hand if he didn't improve.

When he checked I made a huge all in bet, about $1,000 into less than $100 pot and showed him the four cards I was drawing to. He had me almost covered.

I just felt like gambling. Maybe he'd fold. Maybe we'd just flip a coin for the $1,000. I didn't really care which one he did. (I was generally a very tight no limit draw player but I thought this was a good situation to gambool up some).

I had not looked at my draw card. But the dealer had dealt it to my by pitching it through the air and the other guy convinced himself that I'd caught a glimpse of it in the air and knew I had a flush. I hadn't seen it, not even a flash.

We talked back and forth some, then he folded. I took the pot and mucked.

He went ballistic that I didn't even look and see if I'd made a straight flush. That 100% convinced him I'd seen the draw card.

The truth was that I just didn't care what the draw was. I won the pot. Over. Next hand.



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