Friday, September 14, 2007

Protect your hand

I was sitting in the ten seat in a 20/40 game at Players in Lake Charles (this was a while back). There were two of us at the showdown and he bet into me.

I had a really good hand, I don't remember the actual cards, and I made it $80. I had an oversize stack of red chips sitting on my cards and I made the raise by picking up the stack and counting off 16 of them.

When I went to return the leftover chips to the top of my cards I found the cards gone. Gone. The dealer had scooped up the temporarily unprotected cards into the muck. I think he thought I was taking the chips off the top of them to fold.

The three seat (the other player) didn't see that my cards where gone. He was thinking about whether or not he should call.

I glared at the dealer. Death rays and stuff.

The dealer realized his mistake and slowly grabbed two cards from the muck and slid them in front of me. I doubt they were the cards he'd mucked, just two cards.

Seat three decided to fold so I didn't have to look and see what kind of cheese I ended up with.



Blogger DMW said...

You didn't want to know?

My favorite moment from "I want to see the hand" confrontations involved me calling and mucking. The bettor demanded to see my cards and the dealer just grabbed 2 cards nearest to him from the muck.

It looked like I had called with J high or something. The trouble was, no one else at the table noticed that they weren't my cards and I got harrassed (and action) for the rest of the night.

8:08 PM  

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