Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Why do people support PPA?

Here's one supporter of them. I made a comment.

The position the PPA takes is that it's illegal to play poker online and they don't propose to change that.

This is not something that's helpful to poker players. I've written about this a lot on my blog.

PPA is either misguided or they have a hidden agenda.


Blogger Gene said...

Gary, read your comment at my blog. I'm not so much a supporter of the PPA as an opponent of people who use lazy arguments and/or flat-out lies when debating the issues around online poker. Kreidler's column is a string of cheap shots, misquotes and made-up facts. It doesn't help online poker when one of the biggest media outlets in the world publishes garbage like this.

I actually tried to be careful NOT to praise the PPA outright, because I share many of the same doubts you have (and that you've written about). I'm concerned about it's approach to the issue, it's lack of transparency, and, so far, it's lack of vigor in making poker's case to the public.

I've also been baffled at the hoopla surrounding D'Amato's appointment to the PPA. D'Amato's reputation (deservedly or not) isn't the greatest, and he's not necessarily going to be popular with Democratic members of Congress...y'know, the party that now holds the majority. The idea that Al D'Amato is going to save the day is folly, yet that's what I keep reading in the poker press.

So, I guess I just wanted to explain myself concerning your comment (I left a comment myself on my post recommending readers check out your link). It's important that people keep themselves informed about the issues that concern them, whether that's online poker or tax policy or Iraq. And when there's misinformation out there, and it's being done in such a lazy, half-assed way, it pisses me off. Kreidler's column adds nothing to the legitimate debate about how poker players should fight against government interference with the game.

Actually, one unintended consequence of my post would be readers reflexively supporting the PPA because they didn't like Kreidler's nonsense. Without thinking critically about the PPA itself. Which misses the point I tried to raise. So, I may post something about that as well.

Anyway, thanks for your comment.

5:27 AM  
Blogger Chilly said...

D'Amato is likely a figure head that will do little other than photo ops and lend his name. I fully believe that D'Amato is a red herring meant to distract the little guy from PPA shenanigans.

"Look over here!! We hired a former senator! Oh and he knows what beats what too!!!!"

The PPA is not the answer. The The answer is for B&M gaming interests to get into the fray. They have the means, they just need the motivation.

If the number of entrants for the WSOP, especially the ME is down significantly this year, watch how fast Harrahs gets involved.

7:49 AM  

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