Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Parking lots

When I was 17 I hung out in a bar in Baton Rouge called the Liberty
Lounge, on Florida Ave. Kind of neighborhood bar with a wide mix of
characters. One was a guy called Fat Sally, he was a huge, overweight
guy who owned a bunch of ice cream trucks he leased out. Two other
regulars where guys named Mark and Joe, construction workers and
general ne'er do wells.

One night two strangers came into the bar and got into a fight with
Mark and Joe. Most of us just sat on the bar and watched the fight --
it was great entertainment, broken chairs, broken tables, etc.
Someone snipped the phone cord so the bar maid couldn't call the cops,
she ran out and went to the 7-11 across the street to call the cops.

The cops came, broke the fight up, told the two strangers to go home,
told Mark and Joe to sit down and shut up. Then the cops left. It
was a different world back then.

A little bit after that Mark left. A couple of minutes after that,
Fat Sally left. Fat Sally came right back into the bar. He walked up
to me, grabbed me by the elbow, and said, "Come on Gary, follow me".
and drug me out the back door. His white Cadillac was parked near the
back door.

Fat Sally opened the trunk. The trunk contained well over 20 guns, of
various shapes and sizes. He took a pistol for himself, handed me a
shotgun. He said, "Just follow me and point, you won't have to shoot

We walked around the corner of the building, there was Mark, bent over
the trunk of a car, with one of the strangers who'd been in the fight
pointing a pistol at his head and yelling at him.

Big Sally yelled something out. I pointed the gun and held my breath.
I had no clue what the hell was going on, what was fixing to happen,
or what I was expected to do. I was scared shitless, but I did point
the gun.

Nobody got shoot, Big Sally ended up taking the strangers gun,
watching him leave, then watching Mark leave. Then we walked back to
his Caddy and Big Sally threw the three guns into the trunk and closed

I really prefer to stay out of parking lots.

The above story is from an old rgp post, part of my response to Todd Brunson when he wanted to meet me in the parking lot of some Las Vegas casino after I said someting that he thought was insulting about his dad and his dads former partnerships with cheats.

I ran across it in the rgp archives when I was looking for something else and thought it was a good story.


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