Thursday, August 03, 2006

More Random Poker Thoughts

Many people think that you have to sometimes
slowplay your big hands to "mix things up" but if you
just play your draws strongly you're mixing thing up
just fine and you don't have to give up any bets to do

You can do a lot of advertising without actual advertising in the sense that most people think of advertising. Just playing straightforward but aggresive poker can often establish a gambling type image for you.

One thing that often comes up in wild type limit games that makes opponents think you're nuts is making thin value raises from late position pre flop then giving it up when you miss the flop.

You can often raise for value from late position against a large, loose field with as weak as 97 suited. Jamming that kind of hand again when you hit a good flop then showing down that hand on the river tends to generate amazement. Giving it up on the flop if you miss is key and people will notice that part also. In large multi-way pots it actually is often right to raise then fold but it just seems wrong to others and they'll never be convinced you aren't nuts if they see it a few times.

The idea of raising preflop with a hand that you'll
often abandon is one that many players just can't seem
to process. And, if they notice you doing that it
will just totally convince them you're nuts.


Blogger DMW said...

If I recall some of the rgp posters thought along the same lines when you suggest a pre-flop raise with 97s.

Although I think you come across as very solid if you give up on a raised multi-way pot on the flop.

11:05 PM  

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