Saturday, July 29, 2006

Harrah's in Laughlin

I drove out for the last week of two of the World Series. The last leg of the trip was an overnight drive through Arizona (to escape the heat somewhat). I had to pick up my girlfriend at the airport in Las Vegas and she called me about 6 a.m Tuesday morning to tell me that her flight was late leaving Pittsburgh and she wouldn't arrive in Las Vegas until after noon. So, I decided to go through Laughlin and stop in a poker room for an hour or two.

I got to the poker room at Harrah's in Laughlin about 6:30 am Tuesday. Since I often get offers for free nights at Harrah's properties (I assume from having playing in some WSOP events last year) I wanted to check that one out in particular.

No games. No staff. Nothing. Empty room.

It wasn't a total wasted stop. There was a Starbucks near the empty poker room and it was open.


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