Saturday, February 09, 2008

Tilt control and attitudes about change

As I mentioned before, I've been reading The Geography of Thought: How Asians and Westerners Think Differently...and Why.

Think about this passage from page 103
Ancient Greek philosphers were powerfully inclined to believe that things don't change much or, if they really are changing, future change will continue in the same direction, and at the same rate, as current change. And the same is true for ordinary modern Westerners. But like ancient Taoists and Confician philosophers, ordinary modern Asians believe that things are constantly changin, and movement in a particular direction, far from indicating future changes in the same direction, may be a sign that events are about to reverse direction.

If you look at that pasage from the viewpoint of a typical Westerner you'll be asking yourself which of the two views is the correct view.

Don't do that.

Become an Asian for a minute and just ask yourself which viewpoint of the world works.

Think about tilt.

A lot of you tilt after things go wrong, after a bad beat. But if you look at things from an Asian point of view a bad beat is just an indication that things are fixing to get better. You won't be nearly as likely to tilt if you look at the world that way.

That would be a good thing, whether the viepoint is correct or not.


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