Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bodog and bloggers

Bodog is a strong supporter of poker bloggers. They advertise heavily on blog sites, paying monthly ad rates to even very low volume blogs (not high rates, but anything is appreciated by a blogger).

For a while they were running weekly small buyin tournaments for bloggers with a little added money. I played in a couple of them, they tended to have a tough field, but I always enjoyed them. I didn't play in all of them because often I'd be busy -- you know taking a nap or something. But I played in some. I even promoted it some.

Well, they've changed things a little. They're still having them but now the added money is to some leader board nonsense. Whoever ends up with the most points after X months gets a free entry to the WSOP, or something like that. Some bloggers think that's just great. I don't.

I won't be playing in those events any more. The way they've structured it now I'm the one that is subsidizing the other players if I'm probably not going to play in every event. I don't need that.


Someone pointed out to me that the added money in the Bodog Blogger events is still there, they've just added even more money to the leader board winners. So, I'm not worse of than before, I'm at least the same in terms of expected value.

But that doesn't matter to me. I have no problem with cutting of my nose to spite my face. They're adding extra money and giving it to someone other than me (to those who play every week). So to hell with them.


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