Friday, August 10, 2007

More responses in that 5 thread

I'm a little disappointed that nobody has had anything to say about my comments on the responses in that thread about me at 2+2.

Maybe it's because some people think I have a habit of engaging in personal attacks of anyone who disagrees with me. Do I do that? I think probably not nearly as often as some seem to think.

But let's move on down the line in that Five thread anyway. The next comment says

I haven't read his books but I know he wanted to expand a chapter about strategy into a new book. He points out that TOP is about tactics, not strategy. This is true. Poker strategy doesn't get written about much, it's the stuff that successful players work out for themselves and don't post on forums (or write in books, which tend to be less advanced than forums), although I suppose the SPR stuff from PNL is getting there.

I don't know what SPR and PNL is. 2+2 types seem to be big on acronyms that don't mean anything to the rest of us.

But as for the rest of that comment, I didn't have a chapter about strategy in the hold'em book. I did have a chapter about poker theory that discussed things such as models, strategy, and tactics, and pointed out that they weren't the same thing as theory.

When I sold my hold'em book originally I had a short hypo-manic period where I did drafts of propasels for about 10 other poker books. One of them was a book on poker theory. I never did much with the idea, although I did pitch it to Caro when he announced he was starting up a publishing arm at his Mike Caro University. He wasn't interested and at the time I thought it was too specialied to interest a main-stream publisher. Maybe I'll start up my own publishing company some day and do that book. Maybe not.

I do have a chapter on strategic thinking in my upcoming book on no-limit poker. Strategic thinking is pretty much the theme of that book.

That's enough for now. More on that thread later. The next comment in that thread is pretty good in that it's a very good example of the kind of thinking common among regular posters at 2+2.



Blogger rockspark said...

Can you give the details of the dealings with Daniel. You comment on him relatively often so it would be interesting to know the context.

8:51 AM  
Blogger Gary Carson said...

I will later, somebody got it right in that five thread.

8:56 AM  

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