Saturday, July 28, 2007


It's a Spanish movie (with English sub-titles), Incautos.

It's a story of con men and confidence games. The narrator starts with his first con, when he was in a Catholic boy's school and learned that all he had to do to get out of a tough spot, whether with a priest or with the school bully, was to faint. Or at least pretend to faint. He got good at it.

After the boys school he and the school bully team up and do some 3 card monte street hustling. Then they graduate to some smash and grab of a fur store and shoplifting at newsstand. Whatever little minor street hustle they can fall into.

Eventually they team up with an older man, a professional pickpocket/con man. A sleight of hand expert who starts to teach them the fine points of the trade. Our Hero is torn between the old, slow ways of the pro and the quick, street violence ways of his partner, the bully known as the Gypsy.

Soon our hero and The Gypsy do a jewlery store smash and grab that goes wrong, with The Gypsy ending up with a long prison sentence. Then our Hero gives up the street life and gives himself totally to the tutelage of the old con man.

Then the story commences.

A quote for poker players --

"I made the same mistake my targets do. I got cocky and thought I was smarter than everybody and there's nothing stupider than that".

How to woo a woman --

"First you insult her. Then you hit her. Not the other way around".

My TV with a DVD player is a pretty small screen, and when I watch a movie at home I often have trouble paying attention. There's distractions at home that I just don't have at the big screen. Typically that causes problems when watching a movie at home with sub-titles. But this one actually kept my interest. It's a run-of-the-mill con -man caper movie but I like that kind of movie and this one is one of the better ones of the genre.



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