Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Ignorance isn't nearly as bad when it's not presumptuously arrogant ignorance. In that case it's reveals a fundamental lack of character. Here's something Danny Boy recently said.
Before I forget, I promised to offend some people so here goes: 8-ball and 9-ball is to Snooker what checkers is to chess. In fact, 8-ball and 9-ball are just plain stupid forms of pool compares to the champagne of billiards, snooker. The game is so much more fascinating but will never catch on in America, much like Soccer, Cricket, and other slower paced sports will never make it in a fast paced culture. America seems to be all about instant gratification. A game like cricket, for example, doesn’t offer that as it’s a slow game with less action then say, NBA Basketball.

When I was a kid, in the mid-1960's, I went to high school in Sinton, Texas for a couple of years. A friend's grandaddy owned the pool hall downtown, near the courthouse. He let us play free after school, until about 7 p.m. when the place would start filling up with the gamblers and hustlers. Then he'd make us leave.

Half the room was snooker tables and they always filled up first in the evenings. All the hustlers played snooker.

If snooker was popular 40 years ago in rural South Texas I'd say it probably caught on in America. It might not be popular now. But that's not because it didn't catch on.

The boy is just an idiot, he has no sense of history.

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