Sunday, July 15, 2007

Poor Linda

Sometimes I just feel sorry for Linda at Table Tango. She's probably a nice person, she's just not very bright and is a little weak in the language skills area.

I know she doesn't like me. In the past she's talked about how professional she is (she's a poker dealer, recently retired) and I laughed at the idea that a gaming/hospitality industry employee who publically gossips about specific customer gambling experiences. I just think that's laughable. She's offended by my sense of humor.

Because of that she won't link to me. It just pains her too much to think that she might do something good for somebody who's not impressed by her lack of recognition of her own lack of professionlism. I think it's all pretty funny. I do okay without links from idiots who think the world is zero sum.

The other day I linked to one of her posts from my AmericanTradition blog. She had made a post about having bought two trucks from a dealer who she'd never had a positive experience with. I thought that was pretty funny and asked the rhetorical question of how can that happen? How do you get to the point where you've bought two trucks and never had a positive experience with them? Beats me.

She checked to see who'd linked to her, saw my comment, and saw that it was me, and made a nasty response on her blog. I get an RSS link to her blog so I saw the first few words of the post even after she'd deleted the post. Yep, she made a response which linked to me, realized the terrible thing she'd done, and deleted the post. Can't be doing something that might benefit a mortal enemy (blogs benefit from links for many reasons, such as the search engines upgrade it's perception of your blog if people link to you).

That's okay. It's about what I'd expect from a dimwit. But the really funny part is how she lead off the deleted post.

What if you bought the two trucks before you NEVER had a positive experience?

That's funny.

You start off with never having had a positive experience. That's at day zero. It's not possible to buy anything before you NEVER had a positive experience.

I shouldn't make fun of her. If she actually had language skills she wouldn't have been a poker dealer all her life. But she probably is a nice person.

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