Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sometimes Nothing is a Pretty Cool Hand

That's Luke's line that the title came from. It's not a poker movie, but the title line is part of a scene where Luke pulls a big bluff in a prison barracks poker game. It's a scene that serves to help define who Luke is. Cool Hand Luke has gotta be one of the all time great movies. Certainly one of the top 100, right?

Not according to the American Film Institute. They just left if right out of their recent API top 100 list. Can you get any more out of touch with American movies than that?

I think it's political prejudice. They didn't include any Cheech and Chong movies because of a political aversion to pot-smoking Mexicans. And, they didn't include any poker related movies because of a political aversion to poker.

I hope you Republican nutcases are happy.

They also left out The Hustler. And Cincinnati Kid didn't even make the top 400.

What's this country coming to?



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