Friday, June 15, 2007

Back from Vegas

I didn't blog from Las Vegas as much as I probably should have. I didn't even play as much as I intended. I didn't play at the Rio or in the 2007 WSOP at all. I didn't even spend enough time at the Rio to find someone giving out free t-shirts.

I did get some work done though, had a business meeting or two that turned out productive, etc. So, the trip was certainly worthwhile, even though it didn't turn out to be much of a poker trip.

I really need to spend the next year working on my health. I've had diabetes for a few years, and recently have started having some high blood pressure problems. The drop in stamina resulting from the blood pressure problems is stunning to me, I can't even cut the grass all at one time anymore, much less spend a couple of 12 hour days playing a poker tournament.

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