Tuesday, June 05, 2007

How can a writer compete with this?

From a WSOP 2007 press release
LAS VEGAS – June 05, 2007 – Harrah’s License Company, LLC, a subsidiary of Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE:HET), has entered into an multi-year agreement with Kraft Foods Global Inc. (NYSE:KFT) to make Planters nuts an official sponsor of the World Series of Poker and the “official nut” of poker’s biggest event.

“The sponsorship is a great fit given that “the nuts” is a common poker phrase associated with having the best hand in any given situation,” said Stephen Chriss, director consumer promotions, Kraft Foods, Inc.

I just can't keep up with these corporate wordsmiths. These guys are just way too witty.



Blogger Chilly said...

Major League Baseball was announced as the official sport of the WSOP. This is based on the use of "outs" as lingo for both organizations.

As a result Harrah's will only use official MLB bats during "negotiations".

3:20 PM  
Blogger DMW said...

Hilarious Chilly

11:38 AM  

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