Sunday, June 03, 2007

You drew to a gutshot 5?

That was the capstone question of the night in my mind.

The flop was really ragged looking. A 4 8 T with two diamonds and a spade.

The protagonist of our story bet $10 into a field of 5 or so preflop limpers and got two callers.

The turn was the Ace of spades. He fired again, this time $25 and was called by our hero.

The 5c came on the river. Our protagonist fired another $25. This time our hero made it $125. Our protagist called, our hero showed a 7s6s.

That’s when I heard the moaning question, “You drew to a gutshot five?”.

But the guy who asked that question isn’t the idiot in our story. That role is filled by our hero, who proceeded to explain the double gutshot draw that pickup up a flush draw on the turn.



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