Friday, January 19, 2007

Amarillo by morning

I was supposed to be in Las Vegas Sunday to do some kind of group book signing in the morning and play in an authors tournament in the afternoon (not a televised event).

But as I was going through Amarillo there was a pop and a big puff of smoke from under the car and the little oil can light light up on the dash. I turned the switch off and navigated the damn thing through traffic, off the hiway, and into the lot of a vacant gas station.

I'll try to get it towed in the morning, the best guess right now is some engine seal blew, throwing all the oil out onto an exhaust pipe. We'll see tomorrow (or Monday). Looks like I'll be enjoying the hospitality of Super * for a couple of days. I checked and could get a flight out Saturday night, but it'll cost $500 and I don't know what the damn car repairs are going to cost me.

I do have some relatives around here somewhere, maybe I can get hold of them. But, I'm not going to be in Las Vegas this weekend.


Blogger DMW said...

Taht sucks Gary. you couldn't rent a car?

3:51 PM  
Blogger Gary Carson said...

I guess I could have. But I wanted to at least try to get my broken down car off the street.

My thoughts last night were focused on trying to find a mechanic and I didn't even think about renting a car. I did check flights and I could have flown tonite, but that would have cost me $500 and I didn't think it was worth that.

I finially got hold of a cousin who lives in Amarillo, and he knows a mechanic who does that kind of work (my cousin is a hot rodder). So it'll get taken car of Monday.

In the meantime we got 8 inches of snow today.

I probably would have thought of a car rental in time if the event had featured me as part of the top billing, but I was in small print on the flyer, so my mind just wasn't focused in that direction.

6:23 PM  

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