Thursday, December 28, 2006


The people in this thread are very juvenile and dimwitted, but also very sad.

Sklansky is proposing one his propositions from a 13 year old boy. Should society provide services to a baby with no arms or legs who has been abandoned? That's his question. And idiots acually debate that.

Guess what. We do. If he doesn't think we should then he can propose an alternative. I can't think of an alternative other than just killing them. He certialy doesn't the guts to actually do that himself. He doesn't have the guts because there are consequences he isn't willing to face.

This doesn't really have anything to do with poker directly. But it's a window into the kind of people you deal with in poker.

I've been homeless and poor blah blah blah. Twice I had medical needs I couldn't pay for. Once was a potentially disabiling condition, the other was life or death treatment. Both times I got treatment. We actually have laws that mandate emergency treatment by government supported hospitals.

David is the kind of short sighted idiot who seems to want to argue that since at the time of the problems I was making any direct contribution to society I should have been left to die.

Great thinking, David, great thinking.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have had a recent run in with insanity myself. A professional, articulate, and competent coworker confided to me that a secret society has been pursuing him for years due to his "chosen one" status in their group. He shared that they were able to verify his special status by measuring to confirm his unusually small genitals. I don't know how to deal with insantity so I just avoid him.

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