Sunday, December 10, 2006

I hurt somebodies feelings

I guess I hurt Linda's feelings.

She had made one of her whines on her blog blaming somebody else for her screwup.

I commented on it. My comments where mostly about how much she complained about lack of professionalism from others while displaying an ever larger lack of professionism on her own part. I left out of my comment about how absurd it is of her to have put a Razzo style namedropping in her post when she's been counseled at work before about how inappropriate it is of her to mention who's gambling at the Belligio. She's an employee of the Belligio. She's not really a professional, so the issue is not one of professionalism, but of appropriateness. It's not appropriate for her to publically gossip about who'd gambling there. Discretion is part of what gambling joints sell.

But, anywhy I'm guessing she didn't like my post. I'm not sure, she didn't really say anthing. All she did was republish selected parts of my comments. She omitted all the parts that are relevant to what I was saying, but I guess Linda doesn't really like to dwell on her own shortcomings.

She just republished the part where I was giving some background of who she is and what her blogging background is. She choose the title "At least he spelled my name right" so I'm guessing she thinks I flamed her in some way. I did do that. But not in the part she republished (without permission).

The fair use section of copyright law does permit some reprinting in some circumstances. These circumstances don't permit such blantent, unprofessional use of someone elses work.

She might want to check on copyright law. She copied a portion of a post of mine and made no comments at all. Just copied and republished. And she misrepresented the work she was copying from. I'm pretty sure that's not fair use.

I'm wondering why she didn't copy any part of the post that related to the main point of the post -- which is that for years she just whined about how everybody but her screwed up and ruined her life.

Like the post my post referred to -- she didn't do your job, and then whined that a coworker didn't do his job ---- but he actually did do his job.

Linda, are you really that vain and indifferent to others?

Don't get me wrong. I read her blog. I think her self-centered idea of what everybody else should do is pretty funny. One of my favorites is the one where she whined about Wal-Mart's return policy (one of the best return policies in the retail trade) wasn't designed to specifically cater to her lifestyle, so was a real bad policy.

Her blog is worth reading. Even if she isn't a very good person.


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