Thursday, December 21, 2006

David and fuzzy thinking

I talked to a friend the other night who had just discovered David Sklansky's forum at 2+2. She had looked at some of the posts he'd made where he was asking questions of his readers and his questions made no sense to her at all. It confused her.

The reason it was confusing is that she thought that when David was asking a question he was actually asking a question. But that's not what the way it works. David might have a lot of different motives when he asks a question, but asking a question isn't actually one of those motives.

Here's an example of a recent question he asked on his forum.

You raise preflop and only the big blind calls. You know that he will always check the flop and if you check behind him he will always bet his decent hands on the turn and check otherwise. About how often should you check behind him on the flop? Why?

It's a seemingly simple question, but it's not really a question.

What he tends to do is have some revelation of some point he thinks he's discovered, and rather than just tell us the point, he trys to invent some question that will lead to the point he wants to make but well lead to that point in such a way that it also shows he's smart and you aren't.

It's just amazing.

Here part of the answer is going to center around what a decent hand is to the other guy. But he doesn't even tell us what the position was when we raised preflop. What the other guy will consider a decent hand certainly will depend on whether or raise had come from UTG or from the button.

Also is he including very strong hands in the set of decent hands. i.e. will the other guy check intending to raise with a very strong hand, i.e. will he only bet decent hands on the flop or will he bet any decent hand or better?

Maybe he's trying to make some point where it doesn't matter what "decent hand" means. But we can't know that. So it's pointless to even wonder what his question means. Because the point of the question has nothing to do with the question -- it simply has to do with David's personal ego needs.


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