Monday, December 25, 2006

I guess he's just delusional

I think David has just finially snapped.

First he started two threads over at twoplustwo about him going on the internet and soliciting a 16 year old runaway to move into his place. Then he had the good sense to delete those threads, his actions sure sound like they might violate federal law and that being a pretty good reason to delete them.

Now he wants to bet some cash money that he can beat anyone who beleives in God in a standardized test for 17 year olds.

What's the matter with this guy?

Ken Jennings seems to want to take him up on it.

As David appears to a lot whenever he posts something really, really stupid, he again appears to have deleted the thread on twoplustwo where he professed the details of his proposition bet. Maybe he's backing out. Hard to tell.

But others don't seem to think he's backing out.

The Poker Chronicles seems to take David's buffonery seriously and has some comments on it

Ed Miller's wife, Elaine Vigneault, seems to take it seriously.

Personally I think David has already weaseled out. But, I hope I'm wrong. I think the whole thing is really funny.


Anonymous Elaine Vigneault said...

I don't really take David's bets seriously. That's why I like to joke about him. :) peace, Elaine

7:08 PM  
Blogger DMW said...

Of course, I would have never heard of it if it wasn't for the free publicity rgp provided.

10:16 PM  

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