Friday, August 17, 2007

When the thrill is gone

In the first post I made about Brian Townsend's blog I said it was a window into a different world. As I read more and more of it I think that the world he's living in isn't the same world I originally thought it was.

When I wrote that first post I didn't know who the guy was. Since then I've read some of his background
He is 25 and recently completed his degree in electrical engineering from University of California-Santa Barbara.

Okay, he's some young guy. But that doesn't really explain his money or why he's playing poker. The next part of his bio does though.
Brian has been playing poker professionally since September 2006. He began playing poker in August 2005. Initially playing .25/.50 limit holdem, Brian quickly moved up the limit ranks to the larger limit games before switching to no limit in the beginning of 2006. From there, he moved up from the smallest no limit games to the largest no limit games in the world in under a year.

He's a craps player who keeps letting it ride. That explains a lot.

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Blogger Dr Zen said...

LOL. That's a bit harsh. He's only doing what most of us do: moving up when he has the roll. He is just freakishly good, and has moved up quickly.

I think your analysis of him is not far wrong though. He's not in it for the money, or so it seems. He's in it to be a name, and yes, I think as you note elsewhere, for the thrill of losing money that could change your life.

Dead or busted by 35?

12:12 AM  

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