Saturday, April 14, 2007

Who PPA really represents

I misplaced the damn link but I read something the other day about PPA offering their new chairman, former Senator D'Amato, a five million dollar bonus if he can get a carve out for poker in the recent law to block funding access to online gambling. His 100k salary (I think Linda Johnson, his predecessor got less than 20k a year) plus the bonus is funded by Poker Stars and Full Tilt.

Now we know who they represent -- two online sites, not players. It also explains why they are going for the carveout rather than the more direct approach of just getting the law repealed. Barney Frank wants to just get rid of that law. So does the WTC.

If they get a carveout then Party Poker and Ultimate Bet and Bodog, who have blackjack or are affiliated with sports betting would still have trouble with getting funding from their players. But Poker Stars and Full Tilt would have an open field. Going for the carveout is just a way to gain a restriction on the competition for their sponsors. It's not in your best interest at all.

Today I got an email from FullTilt that they're giving me $300. A couple of months ago they sent me $100 but when I went to collect it I found that I'd just get it $10 at a time, as I played qualifying hands. I didn't have any money on the site so I never collected any of it. But $300. That's different.

I went to the site and didn't see any funding options that are easy for me, so I looked at some freerolls. They have a freeroll where just entry into the freeroll gets you a free membership into PPA.

These people are slimy, they're conning you by saying they represent you when they don't represent you, and they want to collect names so that they can claim to congress they are representing millions of poker players while they're actually representing two foreign companies.

They misrepresent themselves totally, to everybody. None of those sonsofbitches can be trusted. Supporting them is insane.

Here's the link on who's paying Damato that I couldn't find.



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