Monday, April 02, 2007


I frequently read Linda Geneen's blog, Table Tango. I don't think she does it intentionally but the blog provides some pretty good insight in how many poker players and dealers think about people -- both others and themselves.

An example from a recent post is the following:
He won one pot and didn’t tip me but I didn’t expect one - I never do.

No expectation. But she sure remembers when she's stiffed.


Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Not for nothing, Carson, but noticing and expecting are two different things. She noticed that he did not tip, but it isn't as though she berated him and then said she didn't expect anything.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Gary Carson said...

Most players toke. To not expect a toke means she doesn't expect normal things to happen, which is just stupid.

Do you really think she's stupid?

9:51 PM  

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