Saturday, April 21, 2007

Do the right thing

I was just watching David Sklansky playing in some poker tournament on the Travel Channel and the contrast between two different hands he played is kind of interesting.

The first one he gets all in with a 66 vs. an AT. Ten hits the flop, 6 hits the turn, David was frowning the whole way.

The second one he gets all in with AQ against KQ. Small smile from David. An Ace hits the flop. Big grin from David.

He really misplayed the first hand. A player in front of him came in for a small raise and David went allin, only doubling the original bet. There was no way the guy was going to fold, the player in front of him had lots of chips. With no chance the guy will fold a 66 isn't really much of a card to get committed with, even if it is a favorite over two overcards.

I think David was so focused on making sure he didn't make any odds type mistakes on TV that he was too busy being upset about his mistake to be able to be happy about winning the damn pot.

The second hand he had much the best of it all the way and I think he was so pleased about that he couldn't help but grin.



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