Friday, September 16, 2005

No new taxes

What utter nonsense. When asked how he expects to pay for the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast. Bush is claiming that we have so much uneccasary spending that will be easy to cut that we can pay for rebuilding New Orleans and the rest of the Louisiana and Mississipi Gulf Coast.

He' been president for how many years now? And not only does he claim we have a shitload of unneccasry spending, but he claims he knows what it is and can easily cut it?

He is going to screw this up the same way he screwed up the invasion of Iraq, the search for Bin Laden, and the rescue of Katrina victims. This is going to be a huge handout to corporate friends, and you and your grandchildren will pay for it.

Yes, the refuges from the coast need help, hell, I am one. I had just moved back to the coast when the hurricane hit. It didn't really cost me anything, I left before it hit with my car, my rv, my clothes, and pretty much everything I own. My job doesn't depend on where I live. But, I am temporarily displaced, homeless. Personally, I'm not without resources, so I'm landing on my feet, but I understand that many people lost everything, plus lost their jobs. These people do need help. But, they don't need a George Bush boondoggle.

This plan of Bushes is going to cost us more than we can afford.

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