Monday, September 05, 2005

Playing on pokerstars --

For those of you who don't know, I'm bipolar and sometimes get these little episodes of depression where I don't want to go anywhere or be around people. I've had one of those episodes the last couple of days.

It gives me a chance to piss away some money playing poker online though. I've been playing some on partypoker, truepoker, and pokerstars. But, I'm okay now, got out yesterday and looked at some property in and around Ada Oklahoma.

I'm thinking of making a very lowball offer on a mold infested house in stonewall oklahoma. It's unlivable, it has so much mold. It's empty, has been for months (if not longer)and has major roof leaks. I'm not sure I want to get involved, but I'm thinking about it. If anybody has any experience with getting out mold, let me know.

While I was out I stopped by the Chickasaw Trading Post, in Ada. They have a new 3-table poker room. 3/6 holdem and 2/5 no limit holdem. At 7pm Thursday they had one table of 3/6. The floor told me that they usually had a 2/5 game on days other than Thursday. Rake is 10% to $5 plus $1 which goes to some future bad beat jackpots.

It's an hour and a half away from where I am right now, Ardmore. Before I make an offer on the mold factory I'm driving over to make sure I can get cellular phone and internet connections where that house is. I couldn't get it in other parts of Stonewall but the real estate agent says some parts of town have good cell phone connections. I was in her car, and didn't have my computer with me.

Anyway, I'll try to post some stuff more frequently. I think I'm going to start putting up some political stuff, in addition to the poker stuff.

Here's today's ad.

Poker Stars

Even if you don't want to play, download it and watch the last few events of the WSOOP.


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