Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fixed Limit Texas Holdem Strategy Tips

When players start out in fixed limit Texas holdem, they often focus on the strength of their own hands.If they like their two cards, they bet, if not, they check or fold.
While limit Texas Holdem strategy does rely in large part on playingpremium hands, more advanced players can add other strategies to theirrepertoires to improve their chances of success.
We’ll mention two important stratagems that will your poker power.

Check-Raising in Limit Texas Holdem

One important strategy to employ in fixed limit holdem is thecheck-raise. Since the game is fixed limit, building big pots can be a challenge. Thecheck-raise is one way to get a lot of money in the pot when you have a big hand.
A great opportunity to check-raise occurs when someone has been bettingthe whole way and you have a monster. You can check call pre-flop, and onthe flop, then check the turn and raise when he bets. The pot is now so large thatunless the player is on a complete bluff he will have a hard time not callingthis bet and a subsequent bet on the river.
You can wait for the river to check-raise. However, you risk the otherplayer deciding the pot is sufficiently large and checking behind you on theend.

Making it Two Bets in Limit Texas Holdem

In limit TexasHoldem, there may be some situations in which you can benefit from forcing otherplayers out of the pot. If you have a made hand, you want to discourage draws. Oneway to do this is by making it two bets. If someone on your right bets, you canraise.
Now players who might have called one bet to try and hit their draw willhave incentive to fold. If you are first to act and you suspect a player onyour right will bet when it gets around to him, you can check. When everyoneelse checks looking for a free card and the last player bets, you can thenthrow in your raise.
Now all the drawing players face two bets and the risk that it will beraised and re-raised again, once it goes back around. You are highly likely toachieve your goal of a heads up pot in this instance. If you had a goodmulti-way hand, you would have bet out right away, let other players call and the lastplayer raise, then flat called so that the other players would be pricedin.


Blogger Gargamello said...

My best fixed limit hold em strategy has always been to not play it.

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