Tuesday, June 27, 2006

About noon on Monday the new cardroom in Durant Oklahoma had 2 games going. 1/2 NL HE and a 3/6 HE. I got on the list (it wasn't easy doing that) and went to get a hotel room. It's a non-smoking room.

I got back about 1pm and they had added a 2/5 NL game. It had a seat open and I took it. It was about what you'd expect from a Monday afternoon game. A bunch of rocky ranchers talking about the new water well and the corn their neighbor didn't irrigate so it all dried up in the sun.

I played a couple of hours and went back late Monday night. The 2/5 game had broke up and they had a short handed 3/6 and a couple of full 1/2 NL games. Again I had a little trouble getting on a list/getting a seat. I played a couple of hours.

They serve espresso at the table before midnight, $1.50, so I'll excuse a lot of bad management. They have their share. I'll talk about that later.

They have a Tuesday afternoon tournament I'm fixing to go play.

I did okay in the 2/5 yesterday, won just a little bit, but it was a tough game. The 3/6 last night was a soft game, I won a little more in that one. The 1/2 last night was also soft. And, they cleaned my clock.



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