Monday, June 12, 2006

Coming back after you've been cheated

I used to play a lot of poker in Players Casino in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

One woman who played there often commented on day that she'd been playing in an Omaha/8 game in Beaumont, Texas. Players didn't spread any games other than hold'em or stud.

"You're not playing in Old Man Thibodeaux's game, are you?", I asked.

"Yes, that's the game", she said.

Now, Old Man Thibodeaux was a well known crook from Sunset, Louisina in St. Landry Parish. He used to dope race horses at Evangiline Downs, run poker games equipped with hidden cameras and microphones, crap games with electric magnets, and had recently been released from a federal prison after serving a stint for bribing the St. Landry Parish Sheriff to allow his casino and whorehouse. He was rumored to have attempted the murder of a Louisisana State Trooper who was cooperating with the Feds on the bribery investigation and to have killed at least one race horse when the owner wouldn't cooperate by allowing him to drug the horse before a race. His daughter was a card cheat and both his sons were theives. I'd met Mr. Thibodeaux a couple of times. No way in hell would I play in a poker game he was involved in.

Old Man Thibodeaux's partner in the game was a busted out bookie from Port Arthur. His daughter dealt the game.

I told her, "Are you nuts? There's no way Old Man Thibodeaux's involved with an honest game. There's no way you're not being cheated."

She said, "I know. I know all about him. But it's the only Omaha game I know of".

Gamblers just want to gamble. They really don't give a shit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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