Monday, April 20, 2009

Total Woman

I hope Annie homeschools her kids, because if they have to go to school tomorrow they aren't going to like it.

What do you think Annie was thinking?


You know Annie, I loved you as a poker player, but as a person? Your 'I'm so great' attitude is grating. You constantly brag while putting everyone else down, this speaks volumes about you and less about your targets. I went into this rooting for you - but frankly, I just can't stand you anymore. It's going to be hard watching you play poker, you have really been behaving disgracefully - and this article cements my opinion - well, at least your brother seems to have class
Can you just imagine how many kids at school are going to bring up to
her children that she gives a "good blow job"
Kids will keep on recounting that little fact long beyond the time
they forget where it even came from. In fact, the history behind it
will be rewritten over and over against until it develops into a story
about annie blowing every male in the area.

I think the fact that she was talking to Playboy star Brande Roderick had something to do with her comment. I don’t know if she expected it to be aired.

IGN Boards

annie duke just became cool in my book and i would let her go down for the record



Blogger Radio Babylon said...

id hit it.

id soak in disinfectant afterwards... but id hit it.

9:49 AM  
Blogger Stick said...

In her latest interview clip, she says she didn't think the producers would use that line.

1:27 PM  

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