Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I didn't get off on the road yesterday like I'd planned. Leaving Pittsburgh this morning.

I've really become disillussioned with these days. I think the days of open poker discussion are just over. It's become mostly spam and chat, not much discussion at all any more. There's still some, but it's not just the quantity of discussion that's gone down, it's also the quality.

For example, they had a thread the other day where somebody whined about his oppnent hitting a "three outer" on the river. 7-8 posters went into belly button mode and told him how to calculate how much ahead he was on the turn and flop against someone with three outs. It took the return of one of the old-line posters to finially point out to all of them that the opponent had 6 outs, not 3. I think that's really sad.

I don't have but a couple of links on it yet, but that's why I've added a page to with a list of poker blogs. It looks like blogging is the new form of unfettered poker discussion, as cumbersome as that is.


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